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Regions in Finland

Great locations are so important when shooting, and Finland offers a rich range of natural locations that are very accessible and usable. In Finland, almost everything is possible, but to make it easier for foreign productions we have identified five location attributes that we make an especially strong case: islands and archipelago, snow sure locations, our thousands of lakes, urban city and soviet-look-alike. 

There are five regional film commissions in Finland, which can assist film, TV and commercial productions scout the best locations, crews and services in their area. There are also regional incentives available. Some Finnish cities have similar organizations and cash-back systems.

In the table below we have opened how the incentives and location attributes align with the regional comissions and largest cities.

If you want any more informaiton, please don't hesitate to contact regional film commissions, trade associations, your production service company in Finland or Business Finland via personal emails listed on the Contacts page.

Regional specialities

Links to Regional Filming Commissions and Cities

There are various regions in Finland offering filming locations each with their own unique atmosphere and qualities. Many of these regions have a filming commissions with their own region-specific expertise. You can contact commissions for more information about regions, locations, weather, logistics, prices or anything else that comes to mind.