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Funding The Production

Finland can help you to fund your productions in several ways. 

The national production incentive is operated by Business Finland and it is a maximum of 25 % cash rebate for production costs. Some of the Finnish regions or cities also offer regional incentives to productions. National and regional incentivies combined, it is possible to get up to 40 % cash rebate of the production costs in Finland. 

Production Incentive

Business Finland Audiovisual Production Incentive is a national 25 % cash rebate for production costs in Finland. Feature and documentary films, scripted TV drama and animation productions are eligible for funding. Qualifying costs in Finland are local expenditure from pre to post production.

We offer ongoing application period on first come first served basis. Decision making is fast, efficient and reliable. You will get a funding decision within 40 days and payment is on your bank account no later than in 21 days. The average time for the payment from the arrival of the report is around 10 days. Payments during the production in Finland are available and very much in favour by the applicants.

In order to apply please check first that your production meets the budget and expenditure requirements. Production Incentive is administered by Business Finland.

Read more about the national production incentive here: 

Business Finland, Cash Rebate

Regional Incentives

Some of the Finnish cities and regions offer local incentives which are fixed to the region or area of the country in question. Regional incentives are based on local expenditure. There is usually no minimum budget and expenditure threshold. Regional annual budgets are used first come, first served basis. You may combine regional incentives with the national incentive. All regions are independent and have their own procedures for applications.

Also other cities and regions than the ones listed below are very keen to support the filming productions. Financial support or lowered costs on rents, parking or such can often be negotiated. Please contact Hanna Vuorinen info (at) for more information.

Regional incentives are offered by

Other Funding

In Finland, there are also other sources for funding.

  • Finnish Film Foundation
  • IPR VC
  • Aurora Studios
  • National Finnish Broadcaster YLE
  • Commercial Broadcasters: eg. MTV3, Nelonen, Elisa Viihde

Let's talk!

If you are interested in finding more information about producing your film in Finland, don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Please contact Business Finland experts, film comissioners from the region and other experts in Finland for sparring about funding your production or parts of it with Finnish soft or hard money. 

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