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Animation studios

Finnish animation scene is vivid and uses the high level of education in design, visual arts and gaming to its advantage.

There are many globally known animated features such as Niko movies and the Angry Bird movies, and series like Moominvalley and Gigglebug and Pikkuli made by Finnish animation production companies. The best-known studios in Finland are Rovio, Anima Vitae, Gigglebug Entertainment, Pyjama Films and these companies are continuously leading the ecosystem towards higher standards and quality work. 

Animation productions can benefit not only from talented Finnish animators but also producers, directors, script writers, concept and character designers, art directors, technical wizards, programmers, composers, musicians, voice actors and singers, sound artists and VFX specialists.

According to the Finnish umbrella organization for animation professionals, Finnanimation, the Finnish receipe for success comes from:

  • Quality, reliability and cost-efficiency
  • Original characters and universal stories
  • Our view of the world; open-minded and willing to cooperate 

Please contact Finnanimation for recommendations. 

Production Companies

Finnish production service companies offer comprehensive production services for any type of filming. While our companies differ in size and experience, the largest of them have been working with international films and TV productions over many years.

In addition to production services the companies may offer: 

  • Location photo database services
  • Location scouting for film and TV productions of all sizes
  • Service or contacts in the neighbouring countries 
  • Special know-how on working with snow and ice in subzero Nordic conditions
  • Other services including for example: logistics, transportation shooting permits, accommodation, recruiting local crews, casting and hiring talent, and rental services

For recommendations, please contact Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI

For direct contact details please visit the Business Finland's Finnish Suppliers database link below. 
Finnish Production Companies

VFX and post production services

Finland is a hotspot of ICT and digitalization enjoying top ratings in World Economic Forum comparisons. Our VFX industry is growing fast. Finland has: 

  • icVFX studio with game engine experience available 2022
  • Helsinki XR Studios
  • Fast-growing VFX industry 
  • Finnish gaming industry that works cross sectorally with audiovisual partners
  • Aalto Studios (Aalto University) for cross sectoral reasearch & pilots

Visit a list of companies operating in country in Business Finland's Finnish Suppliers database: 
Finnish VFX and Post Production Companies

Equipment Rental and Stages

Main rental houses (camera, lights, grip equipment) are based in Helsinki, but they operate across the whole country. Rental companies also have tight connections with neighbouring countries and equipment is routinely sub-rented and moved around from one country to another.

Most rental houses operate as one-stop shops: in addition to equipment they can offer for example stages, crew, technicians and transportations.

Industry standard cameras, lenses, grip, and lighting equipment are all available at international standards: 

  • Digital Cameras: ARRI, SONY, RED / Film Cameras: ARRI /
  • Dollies: FISHER, CHAPMAN, GFM, PANTHER / Motion Control: BOLT by MRMC /
  • Telescopic cranes: TECHNOCRANEs, MOVIEBIRD /
  • Stabilized Heads: ARRI SRH-3 HEAD

Stages available in Finland vary from small studios to several medium sized 1000-1700m2 (11,000-18,300 ft2) stages and one 37 000 m2 (400 000 ft2) stage.


Finnish Filming Crews

Do not hold back on hiring our Finnish crews! According to feedback from foreign productions Finns are flexible, efficient, motivated, conscientious, used to extreme conditions and speak excellent English. Their technical skill levels are also a standout.

Crew base in Finland is about 1300 and the pool for HETV is about 500 professionals.

10-hour (on camera) days are the industry standard in Finland. This is also what production service companies or line producers will budget for. 

Finland’s AV industry is not heavily unionised. 

Please ask for more information about Finnish crews from info (at), regional commissions or your Finnish production service company. 

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