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Crew Rates

Finnish film crews are super-skilled, efficient, trustworthy and get things done! Read more about our culture and people and crews as a service

Below are the union-recommended minimum rates, which can be used as an indicator. Day salaries are for 8-hours. You can count 10-hour day salaries by adding 37.5% to these sums. All figures indicated are in Euros (€). 

FILM PRODUCTIONS (minimum day salaries)

Number of working days
2-10 days
11-24 days
25+ days
Wage Group I
137,39 126,11 116,09
Wage Group II
231,36 206,30 177,48
Wage Group III
288,96 220,09 191,25
Wage Group IV
339,10 263,39 238,87

TV Productions (day salaries)

Number of working days
day salaries
Wage Group I
Wage Group II
Wage Group III
Wage Group IV


Wage group 1: Assistant work e.g. Runner
Wage Group 2: Operational work e.g. Electrician
Wage Group 3: Accountable work e.g. Gaffer
Wage Group 4: Major artistic responsibility e.g. DOP

Shooting Permits

Finland's regional film commissions assist with permit applications and liaise with local authorities on the production’s behalf. No permits are required for filming in public places. Filming on private property requires a permit either from the owner or from city authorities. Permit costs are usually very low.

A permit from the police is needed if filming requires special traffic arrangements (i.e. re-routing or stopping traffic).

Filming in Finland is simple thanks to the Everyman’s Rights principle. This allows free access to land and waterways for everyone without having to go through the process of applying for a permit or separate permission. However, the landowner’s permission is required for filming on private property.

Visas and Working Permits

Citizens of EU Member States enjoy free and unhindered passage to Finland. In accordance with the Schengen agreement, country passport holders do not need a visa to visit Finland. More information is available from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

The right to perform gainful employment in Finland is determined according to citizenship.

It is the employer’s obligation to ensure that a foreign citizen entering service and employment has the required worker’s residence permit or that the foreign citizen does not need a residence permit.

EU/ETA citizens are entitled to work in Finland without a worker’s residence permit. Citizens of countries outside the EEA are usually required to have a worker’s residence permit. More information is available from the Employment and Economic Development Office.

Actors and Casting

Finnish actors are talented, hardworking and committed to the projects they take on. Finns know several languages and practically everyone speaks English well. 

There are several casting companies that help productions to find the right talents in Finland. You turn to info (at), regional filming commissions or ask your Finnish production service company for help. 

The Finnish Actors Union (Näyttelijäliitto – Skådespelarfödbund) is an independent organisation and the only organisation in Finland that promotes the interests of actors. Established in 1913, the union is the oldest theatre trade union in Finland.
The vast majority (96 %) of actors are part of the union. Finnish Actors Union also offers access to the largest database of experienced actors. Read more about Finnish Actors Union at their website.

You can also see crews under services page.

Border Traffic

Please find the updated guidelines for border traffic during the pandemic at the Finnish Border Guard's website


Finland is following the EU regulation to harmonise drone operation. According to the regulation, those using drones with a mass exceeding 250 g or drones equipped with a camera must register as a drone operator, familiarise themselves with drone operation and in most cases pass an examination. Operating in the ‘open’ category does not, however, require a separate operational authorisation.

When planning a drone operation, you should always consider whether the operation could be adapted so that you could operate in accordance with the rules set for the ‘open’ category. If this is not possible, the operation is subject to authorisation. Local authorities, such as the police or the rescue service will take care of granting any exemptions, for example for media photography helicopters.

Comprehensive instructions for drone operation in Finland can be found at Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's (Traficom) service.

Production services, rentals and stages

Please refer to Services page for more information on the services offered by Finnish companies in animation, live-action or post-production, rental equipment or stages in Finland.