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hardworking & fresh

Despite our cool climate, Finnish people are warm, open and honest – even though they might tell you the opposite themselves. Dry humor is in our nature. Finns are talkative and hospitable, although the myth of the withdrawn Finn is still alive and well even inside Finland.

If a Finn makes you a promise they take it very seriously, as Finland is a county where promises are still kept. Finns are sociable and warm, but have a shy way of showing it. Once you get to know a Finn, you’ll be friends for life.

Being honest, punctual and trustworthy are highly valued qualities in Finland. This shows up in Finnish working life where things that have been agreed on by employer and employee, are acted on without further question. Observing timetables is important in Finland and people  act promptly at the agreed time. Being late is seen as impolite because one person being late wastes everyone else's time. As a cultural norm this plays to Finnish culture's advantage, compared with other cultures, because during production, time is money.

Finland is a bilingual country (official languages Finnish and Swedish) where everyone must learn at least three languages at school.  English is the most common third language and is generally spoken by everyone in the country.  When filming in Finland, foreign productions find it very easy to communicate with Finns in English. German, French and Russian are also popular third languages among Finns.

Finnish Suppliers

Finland's film industry is full of top-notch professionals. There are many advantages when it comes to Finnish suppliers – their knowhow is exceptional, their costs are lower than in other Scandinavian countries with similar standards of working and livien and everyone on set speaks English fluently.
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