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Film in Finland

Are you looking for the next location to film? Finland is known for being one of the countries where things just work out. Astonishing four seasons give variance to the aesthetics and moving around the country is easy throughout the year. The country is also one of the safest and most non-corrupt places in the world.

Production Incentive

Business Finland Audiovisual Production Incentive is a national 25 % cash rebate for production costs in Finland. Feature and documentary films, scripted TV drama and animation productions are eligible for funding. Qualifying costs in Finland are local expenditure from pre to post production. We offer ongoing application period on first come first served basis.

Decision making is fast, efficient and reliable. You will get a funding decision within 40 days and payment is on your bank account no later than in 21 days. The average time for the payment from the arrival of the report is around 10 days. Payments during the production in Finland are available and very much in favour by the applicants.

In order to apply please check first that your production meets the budget and expenditure requirements. Production Incentive is administered by Business Finland.

Read more about the national production incentive here: Business Finland, Cash Rebate

Locations & Regions

There are various regions in Finland, which offer different atmospheres and qualities with their unique filming locations. Many of the regions have a filming commission that works as an expert for the specific region. Contact commissions for more information about regions, locations, weather, logistics, prices or anything that comes in mind.


Finland is full of top-notch professionals when it comes to filming in Finland. There are many advantages when it comes to Finnish suppliers – the knowhow is exceptional, costs are lower than in other Scandinavian well-fare countries and everyone speaks English fluently.
We have gathered a list of suppliers, where you can easily browse cooperatives by category


Production Guide

Do you want to film in Finland? Filming in Finland -production guide has all the necessary information about production guidelines, geography, climate, production crew rates and fringes, shooting permits, visas and work permits, local studios and so much more. 

Click here to download the Production Guide (.pdf)

About Finland

Finland is the happiest country in the world – it is the safest, most sustainable country with a great health care and education system. In addition, there is an internationally recognized freedom of press and exceptionally low level of corruption.

The country is located in Northern Europe, between Russia and Sweden. The country is the most heavily forested place in Europe, and the temperature varies between +25ºC in the summer and -25ºC in the winter.

Finland offers diverse landscapes and filming possibilities throughout the year thanks to well-built infrastructure and the unique natural conditions – from the midnight sun and summer heat to long winters and guaranteed snow.

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